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Ventura County, California, USA

Band Logos

When the Spaniards first came to California, they noted the golden grassy hills along the coast. They were the first to refer to this area as the Gold Coast. The logos created by George Burton reflect this part of Californa's history. In the art work you will notice a Spanish clipper ship, the same style of ship used by the Spaniards during their arrival to California's "gold coast". You will also notice a California poppy on the right side of each logo accompanied by a Scottish thistle on the left side. Pictured below are two of the more popular logos our band uses.

The first logo was created for use on our tune book.

The second logo is our shield. The shield has all the elements as the first logo but was drawn in more detail. The gold coast, as the Spaniards may have seen it on their arrival, is pictures behind the clipper ship. The shield logo has been imprinted into the heads of our bass drum and on our band T-Shirts which are available to the public. Contact any band member to get your cap badge or full color band T-Shirt.

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