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Ventura County, California, USA

Band Members

Kathryn Adamson, Bagpipes
Bill Boetticher, Bagpipes
Wally Boggess, Bagpipes
Dave Cohen, Bagpipes
John Ficken, Bagpipes
Allen Riggs - Bagpipes
John Thomas, Bagpipes

Jon Eccles, Snare Drum
Dennis Hipp, Snare Drum
Naimh Kennedy - Tenor Drum
Michael Littlejohn, Tenor & Bass Drum
Thomas Marcus, Bass Drum
Jim Mulligan - Snare Drum
Bill Reid, Snare Drum
Sam Riggs - Tenor and Snare Drum
Rudy Santiago, Tenor & Snare Drum
Craig Stevens - Bass Drum

Senior Regimental Drum Major
Craig Stevens

Associate Members
Wendy Archambault, Senior Monetary Enhancement Specialist
Jody Howard, Senior Monetary Enhancement Specialist
Robert Howard, Chief of Security
John Ratzenberger, Snare Drum

Craig Mathias, Bagpipes
Arthur Wahl, Bagpipes
Brendyn Clark, Snare Drum

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